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In addition to other accomplishments, the Aggarwal Sisters have also been ranked as an "Top Grade" Artist by the National Television and Radio of the Govt. Of India. The Aggarwal Sisters are sustaining and upholding the tradition of chaste and pure music.
Being the only Female sisters perfoming duet on Sitar and Sarod, they get commendable applause from the listeners, where ever they perfom througout the country in prestigious programms. Their elegant style and intricate technique can be apperciated in all their performances.
Performance art the results might force some to rethink what musical performance is really about. "As a classical musician, "It is surprising to find that there is such a wide gap between what we believe matters in the evaluation of music performance and what is actually being used to judge performances." But accepting body language as part of a musical performance could also be seen as entirely reasonable, because it adds more to the quality of the experience than just the sound. "Many performers do have the intuition that the role of visual information is an important one".

Music by us thats touch your hearts and feel you good.

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